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mitt romney. [ cheering ] >> the national spotlight, mitt romney visits maryland. >> we'll make sure we get him out of office. >> reporter: tonight, his message and the impact on the race for the republican presidential nomination. >> hello, everyone. i'm vic carter. >> denise koch is off tonight. and here's what people are talking about tonight. >> campaign for republican presidential candidate. mitt romney is gathering momentum less than two weeks before the primary here in maryland. mike hellgren has more on what the candidates are telling voters. >> reporter: mr. romney focused on the economy and attacking president obama, as opposed to his gop rivals. he also touted a new endorsement by fermer governor jeb bush. and he got a rallying endorsement from former governor ehrlich. >> ladies and gentlemen, governor, soon to be president, mitt romney. >> reporter: maryland republicans are rel innerring some attention. >> reporter: the president said, by the way, that if he didn't turn the economy around, he would be losing one-term proposition. >> reporter: a line formed hours befo
massachusetts governor mitt romney who's maryland campaign is headed by former governor bob ehrlich. newt gingrich is scheduled to visit annapolis next week. former senate's rick santorum's campaign is also penciled in. and ron paul holds a town meeting on wednesday. it's a lot more attention than maryland republicans have come to expect but these are unusual times, but voters are paying close attention. >> whether it's romney or santorum or ron paul or newt gingrich, we have four people. and that's a lot to choose from. and sometimes it's hard. but you have to listen to it all. >> reporter: political analyst richard bats of romney supporters says there's some things to be gained by making a showing here. >> maryland is considered a very, very left winged state. but the republicans even if though you wouldn't know this from election rhetoric, the candidates are conservative. >> reporter: of course what the candidates are really after here are delegates. maryland will sent 27 to the republican nomination. pat warren, now back to you. >> you can count on us for updated results and informat
maryland represents got voters to the polls early. >> whether it's romney or santorum or ron paul or newt gingrich, we have four people. and that's -- that's a lot to choose from. >> i just think the overall political and economic situation just puts a lot more pressure on, you gotta get out and vote, you know, to make the changes that i think we need. >> reporter: texas congressman ron paul appeared at a town hall meeting in college park last night. tuesday, newt gingrich made stops at annapolis and salisbury. mitt romney visited arbutus last week. >> reporter: by afternoon, nearly 60,000 marylanders have cast early ballots. the polls are open until 8:00 tonight. reportingreporting from towson, i'm pat warren. back to you on tv hill. >> thanks, pat. wjz 13 is always on. check in for campaign 2012. maryland's primary is tuesday. you can count on us for updated results and information about the candidates. >>> in tonight's wjz healthwatch, experts on eating disorders are watching a new phenomenon. mary joins us with the surprising details. mary? >> well, denise. facebook may be fueling bad
are picking the gop candidate they want to challenge president obama. >> i hope romney takes illinois. i really do. i think right now, he's probably the best qualified. >> i like santorum. he seems like a more traditional and conservative candidate. >> reporter: mitt romney and rick santorum spent the past few days, pounding the pavement in illinois. romney continues to make the case that he is the best candidate to win back the white house. >> together, we're going to get this job done. i'm going to get the nomination. we're going to defeat barack obama. >> santorum has to do damage control, after saying he didn't, quote, care about the unemployment rate. >> occasionally, you say some things you wish you had a do- soafer. >> reporter: mitt mitt romney is expected to do well in disturbance districts like this one. while rick santorum is counting on a big turnout for conservatives in the southern part of the state. >> you don't get a chance very often to speak loudly, as conservatives in illinois. >> reporter: even with a strong turnout, santorum faces an uphill battle for illinois delega
already endorsed rival mitt romney and later held a town hall meeting. the former senator is riding high off a pair of victories in alabama and mississippi. and sounds confident about the road ahead. >> conservative. >> reporter: romney is working to slow down santorum's surge and will visit puerto rico later this week. romney's campaign and supporters have already spent more than $3 million on tv ads in illinois, ahead of that state's primary next week. romney doesn't just have the money. he is way ahead in the delegate race. he's collected more than all of the other gop white house hopefuls combined. >> reporter: santorum supporters are pushing newt gingrich to drop his presidential bid, in hopes of cutting into that lead. gingrich finished second in tuesday's contest and showed no sign he's ready to quit. >> is that the elite media's effort to convince the nation that mitt romney is inevitable just collapsed. >> reporter: the former house speaker is campaigning in illinois. he insists he's the best choice to challenge president obama in the fall. at the white house, danielle nottingha
appearances in both states. mitt romney who turned 65 today is hoping the south will deliver a birthday gift. >> i just want to say thanks to you forgiving me this birthday present i hope to unwrap tomorrow. >> reporter: he made a brief stop in mobile alabama before taking time off to celebrate his birthday. [ applause ] >> reporter: a new cbs news new york times poll shows republican primary voters nationwide pick santorum over romney, by a small margin but 73% of those polled say romney will be the eventual nominee, only 10% chose santorum, newt gingrich and ron paul trail even further behind. the primaries are critical for gingrich, who spoke at an energy summit in biloxi mississippi. >> we need a profound change in washington i am the one candidate with a clear consistent track record. >> reporter: gingrich is resisting calls to leave the race saying he will do well in the south. >> now although romney turned 65 today he said he will not enrol in medicare choosing to keep private health insurance. >> anne arundel police are looking for suspects, this 24- carat middle weight championship
between santorum and romney prompted some democrats to weigh in. voting for santorum after supporting president obama in 2008. >> there was not much change. >> reporter: mitt romney appeared via satellite. >> i'm sorry that my super tuesday travel schedule prevents me from being with you in person. >> reporter: santorum went to washington to make his speech in person. >> this is a somewhat important day in my life today. >> reporter: 419 delegates are up for grabs, that's more than one-third for the total needed to clench the gop nomination. gingrich rallied supporters in alabama. voters there won't go to the polls until next week. but he's focusing on the south. >> we'll carry georgia and do much better than people expect. >> looks like we're going to have a good time. >> reporter: ron paul is holding campaign events in north dakota and idaho. >> gingrich says he'll push for new debates with the other candidates in alabama and mississippi. >>> a cool but clear evening. get ready for changing the rest of the week. it may knock your socks off. we have the updates forecast. >> we do hav
in the presidential primary. >>> why republican rivals are refusing to make it easy for mitt romney. >>> features that make the new ipad so special. >>> my first thought when i came around the corner and saw that our vehicle was on fire, you know, i was thinking, karma. >> road rage doesn't prevent a woman from doing the right thing. how she saved a driver, despite mine was earned over the south pacific in 1943. vietnam, 1967. i got mine in iraq, 2003. usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection, and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. >>> it is 6:29. 64 degrees. with a few clouds in central maryland. good evening. thank you for staying with wjz. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. the race for the republican presidential nomination is still up in the air, after super tuesday's vote. randall pinkston reports for wjz. the republican rivals are stretching out the primary season. >> reporter:
. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: mitt romney fired up supporters in canton, ohio. he took the stage to make the case why they should get out and vote for him on super tuesday. >> if you think this campaign against president obama, is going to be about the economy and jobs and government being too big, then i'm the guy you need to nominate. >> reporter: romney will spend the entire day campaigning in ohio. and so will rick santorum. polls show the two neck and neck here, heading into super tuesday's most vehicle -- critical contest. >> i come to the people of ohio, as a candidate who shouldn't be here. shouldn't be here if you looked at any political expert and you looked at the money that's been spent. >> reporter: santorum will watch the returns in stubenville. but if he wins here, he won't capture the area's delegates. his campaign failed to submit the required paperwork in some ohio districts. >> reporter: jim emerling will still support santorum. he's a small business owner in stubenville. >> he stands for a lot of causes that i believe in. and he's from pennsylvania, which is right across the r
alive. the former house speaker trails mitt romney and rick santorum in the delegate count. santorum says gingrich should step aside no matter what happens tuesday. >> whether he pulls it off or not, where does he go from here? we go to illinois and he has 10% in illinois. >> reporter: gingrich is vowing not to pull out. >> reporter: polls show a tight, three-way race between gingrich, romney and santorum. >> reporter: the majority of republican voters in alabama identify themselves as evangelicals. >> i am looking for somebody with experience. i'm looking for somebody with some tenacity. and honesty. and i'm looking for somebody who is a christian. >> reporter: >> romney had has had trouble making end roads with christian conservatives. >> if i become president, my goal will be to get you good jobs again. >> reporter: he's already ahead in missouri, where voters head to the polls on saturday. but he's hoping to pull off a victory today to show he can win in the south. in bermingham, susan mcginness, wjz eyewitness news. >> and there is also a primary contest in hawaii today, where r
good about mitt romney. [ laughter ] >> the white house says -- has decided that the general election campaign is already under way. that's what this is all about. they made a judgment that mitt romney is going to be the guy they're going to run against in the fall. and they want to get their licks in early, while the republicans are still carving on each other. and so pretty much what we talked about is how democrats see this campaign shaking up, or shaping up. and how the republicans see it shaping up. i mean, basically what you have here, two very different ideas. of what this election is about. >> you can watch bob schieffer and the new hour-long face the nation sunday morning at 10:30, here on wjz 13. >>> all right. let's hope sunday morning has sunshine. [ laughter ] >>> a very important morning for a lot of people. >> we have a couple of storms we need to talk about for this weekend. >> storms? >> yes. there are a few showers out there. a few showers moved through today. temperatures are still on the rise this evening. but right now, at bwi marshall. we are at 37 degrees with e
he has no plans to drop out of the race. former house speaker newt gingrich. speaking of mitt romney, the republican front runner picks up another endorsement. former president george h.w. bush says he will endorse romney tomorrow. former first lady barbara bush has already given him the nod of approval. stay tuned for campaign 2012. maryland's primary is tuesday. count on us for updated information about the candidates. >>> the jet blue pilot, caught on cell phone video, appearing to have a mental breakdown. passengers jumped into action when the captain started acting erradically. >> reporter: jet blue has suspended the pilot who caused the midair chaos. veteran pilot osbun had a mental breakdown. the 49-year-old captain became irate being after his copilot tricked him into leaving the cockpit so he could lock him out. >> he's banging on the door. his first officer. i think his name was steve. bring it to throttle idle. we're all going to die. jesus. >> reporter: passengers took action. including former law enforcement officials who happened be to traveling to a security conference
. >> reporter: mitt romney is trying to get southern voters to warm up to him. >> governor said i had to say it right. morning, y'all! [ laughter ] >> reporter: campaigning in jackson, mississippi, romney worked to sell himself as the candidate who can beat president obama. >> more jobs, less debt, smaller government. that's what we want. [ applause ] >> and that is not what we've got! >> reporter: newt gingrich is at ease in the south. he spent the day in mississippi, promoting his plan to get gas prices down to $2.50 a gallon. >> i don't care how much money barack obama raises for his campaign. if every american drives up to a gas station and every american sees the obama price of gas, it's going to erase all of his advertising. >> reporter: that message could be working. gingrich is on top of a new mississippi poll, but rival rick santorum is making a play for the same voters. santorum's hoping to convince southern republicans, especially evangelicals that a vote for him tuesday would narrow the race. >> we go out here, we start winning elections and we get this race down to two and we wi
's visit. >> reporter: this comes on the heels of mitt romney's visit to arbutus last week. >> reporter: the former campaign speaker brings him to the state house, where he takes a bow at the state senate, before taking a shot at the government's gas tax. >> there's talk about an increase in the gas gas tax from maryland, which i think shows political insensitivity. to have an effort made to raise the price by as much as 25 cents a gallon, strikes me as being very, very anti, everyday working american. >> reporter: gingrich and his entourage visited main street. >> he's get a straight mind, a sharp mind. >> then onto chicken root deli. >> all candidates are welcome. we had john mccain in here a couple of years ago. and we have newt gingrich. and we would like to take them all. >> republican primary is the best he's seen. >> well, i think it's damn healthy. i think the debate seems to be -- i'm 76. and this debate seems to be going on forever. but i like that. i think that's important. >> reporter: and gingrich gave his reason for marylanders to support whoever is the republican nominee.
comes just after mitt romney held a forum in town hall county. newt gingrich will visit the state house in annapolis and speak with business owners tuesday. no word on visits by the other candidates, ron paul and rick santorum. >>> meanwhile, president obama is in the heart of oil country, on the road, defending his energy policies. but as tara mergener reports from the white house, his critics aren't sold. >> reporter: speaking in cushing, oklahoma, the pipeline crossroads of the world, president obama ordered the government to fast track an oil pipeline to the gulf coast. >> there's a bortlez neck right here because we can't get enough of the oil to our refineries fast enough. >> reporter: the cushing 2 texas pipeline is the third leg of a larger keystone excel project, designed to run from canada. >> this whole issue of the keystone pipeline has obviously generated a lot of controversy and a lot of politics. >> reporter: earlier this year, the president rejected the northern portion. >> here he is, standing in cushing, oklahoma. he could put one foot on one side and say this part of
romney will be in puerto rico today, after fundraising in illinois, which holds its primary on tuesday. in washington, susan mcginniss, wjz eyewitness news. >> presidential candidate ron paul was holding a caucus tomorrow. and newt gingrich was campaigning today in louisiana, where voters head to the polls in a week. >>> a teenager is running for office in alabama. 18-year-old cory eldrod is competing for a seat on the board of education in limestone county. the other candidate has held the office for five years. only 20 votes separate the two. and now they're headed into a runoff. the final tally is set for april 24th. >> that could be interesting. here's a look at the day's numbers from wall street. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,, turn left. the passat is one of nine volkswagen models named a 2012 iihs top safety pick. not...that... we'd ever brag about it... turn right. come on, nine. turn left. hit the brakes. huh? how did that get there? [ male announcer ] we can't hide how proud we are to have nine 2012 iihs top safety picks. so we're celebrating with our "safety in numbers" eve
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